Saturday, October 11, 2014

Today, amid all the wonderful marriage equality news, the LGBT community lost a humble, unsung friend

AKSARBENT's favorite blogger, Joe Jervis, lost his volunteer proofreader/copy editor today, and in her passing the gay community lost a great friend and tireless advocate (as well as the wielder of a mean blue pencil; despite Jervis' prodigious daily output, his blog's grammatical and spelling missteps are rare.)
     JoeMyGod's grateful eulogy was exquisitely respectful of a faith in god he does not share. It was also a sharp reminder that minorities (and all of us belong to one minority or another) depend on our ability to evoke a sense of justice in the majority of the majority.
     But this rumination isn't about the lovely Betty Salwak of Indiana — it's about how the readers of a blog will always surprise you. Jervis' remembrance brought out the best in his many commenters, but one stood out with an eloquence and wisdom that matched the tribute of even the webmaster himself:

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