Sunday, October 12, 2014

How the GOP won the gay marriage battle, then lost the cultural war it started

Go ahead Mike! Leave a GOP you deem to be insufficiently
heterosexual supremacist. Take your radio/TV audience with
you and start a third party, just like John Anderson,
Ross Perot and Ron Paul did.
In 2004 the GOP panicked over the 4 million Christer conservatives who stayed home on election day because they felt betrayed and ignore by George W. Bush. Since many Republicans had already gone bananas after Massachusetts' Supreme Court established LGBT marriage equality, the GOP incited  antigay referenda in 11 states and every one passed.
Republicans won the battle, but they soon lost the war. All 11 passed handily, and another seven passed in 2006. However, the mean-spirited anti-gay marriage campaign actually failed to increase Republican turnout, while alienating the younger generation of voters. American youth who had grown up treating gays equally soon propelled Barack Obama to the White House and invigorated the marriage cause. Ten years after that first round of anti-gay initiatives, same-sex marriage is on the verge of being legal in 60 percent of the country.
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