Thursday, October 16, 2014

Entire U.S. Ebola capacity in biocontainment units now 36% full with just four patients

University Tower UNMC, Omaha
The U.S. has just four facilities with special biocontainment units; together, they can accommodate 11 people.
  1. The largest, at the University of Nebraska Medical Center here in Omaha, has ten beds but can currently accommodate only three Ebola patients because of equipment and staffing limitations
  2. The National Institutes of Health clinical center in Bethesda has two beds 
  3. St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, Montana, can handle three patients.
  4. Emory University Hospital's biocontainment unit, in Atlanta, Georgia, has three beds
Related: the first Ebola patient treated in Omaha, Dr. Rick Sacra, now says he thinks he contracted the virus “getting out of my surgical gown and my gloves and my boots and stuff" after performing surgery in Liberia.

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