Thursday, October 9, 2014

Author of debunked 'study' cited by NE anti-gay group now asking why broads don't charge more for sex

Back in 2013, Dave Bydalek, then with Family First of Nebraska and now with the Nebraska Family Alliance, tried to sell Unicameral Judiciary Committee Chair Brad Ashford on the merits of the antigay Regnerus Study. It was a very tough sell.
     Now Regnerus is back, fueled by a heretofore anonymous backer of the Witherspoon Institute and the National Organization for [the prevention of gay] Marriage.
     (Said backer would be New York hedge fund rich fuck and donor to reactionary causes, Sean Fieler.) Anyway, Regnerus' Austin Institute has a new video, in which Regnerus wonders why chicks prostitute themselves so cheaply!
     AKSARBENT's favorite quote from the video (which we could not finish watching because our laughter caused us to snort Maxwell House coffee into our nose) was this: Men know that sex is cheap these days — if they know where to look...
H/T: @Str8Grandmother)

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  1. Bose in St. Peter MNOctober 9, 2014 at 9:59 PM

    Yikes... what a video! My favorite bit was the use of an instrumental version of "Love and Marriage," the anthem sung by Frank Sinatra.

    Two things here: First, this video makes the point that the world shouldn't have changed between men and women, because it's changed for the worse, since 1955. Next, (and just as significantly for this mid-50s guy), the song can never be divorced from Al and Peggy Bundy on "Married With Children." The show reveled in being crass yet funny, creating dim-witted characters people still identified with. And now the biggest TV sitcom stars Ed O'Neill's reincarnation of being married with children, later in life, on Modern Family. And guess what? All of the MF adults are married with children, and the kids' characters are doing fine, mostly free of the sexual compulsions and complications of all 4 Bundys.