Monday, September 22, 2014

Ellen introduces kids to old technology

Photos: Ebay user Jane2333
Television eats people up and spits them out, especially when the talent is up against the rigors of filling up an hour a day.
     For years Ellen DeGeneres' singular brilliance has been watered down by the medium in a show AKSARBENT almost never watches, as it is an endless parade of pablum, take-off-your-shirt titillation, and above all, salesmanship.
     But the other day, Degeneres put a healthy flash of comedic genius on display in this kid segment.
     This is what the very best comedy looks like: organic, clever, spontaneous yet perfectly timed, totally original — and very, very funny. Degeneres still has it. (AKSARBENT would love to see Degeneres hand a kid an "old" dial Ericofon, like the one pictured on the right.)
(Via Towleroad)

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