Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Busted: 5 lies told about LGBT rights laws by groups like the Nebraska Family Alliance

Below Carlos Mana of MediaMatters4America debunks the playbook of antigay groups like the Nebraska Family Alliance and its supporters.

To illustrate how predictable, coordinated and phony these ideological attacks are, check out the antigay smearstestimony below during 2013's hearing for Lincoln's LGBT fairness ordinance.
     The antigay testimony was largely orchestrated by the Nebraska Family Alliance, then known as the Nebraska Family Council. For example, the woman at 8:43 is actually the sister of Hannah Buell, a Nebraska Family Alliance operative, who falsified the Crystal Dixon case in order to portray anti-LGBT activists as victims.
     The LGBT nondiscrimination additions were subsequently passed 5-0 by the Lincoln City Council, but then rescinded after Catholic and Evangelical Protestant churches (and the Nebraska Family Council) collected thousands of repeal signatures.
     Note: because of an uploading glitch, the video is black and silent between about 34:32 and 40:52.)
     A favorite ploy of homophobes (#5 on the above list) is the spectre of transgender pedophiles/rapists, or pedophiles/rapists claiming to be transgender invading women's bathrooms. You see that ruse employed over and over again below.
     Left unsaid, of course, is the fact that anyone can walk into an unlocked public restroom for either gender with or without LGBT antidiscrimination legislation.

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