Thursday, August 21, 2014

Want to solve more Jeopardy clues? Better bone up on the show's favorite state

Today's Jeopardy broadcast on WOWT featured another Nebraska category, which happens at least once a year, undoubtedly due to the fact that four of the show's top producers and writers form a sort of Cornhusker mafia.
     "They keep trying to slip in Nebraska clues that nobody else knows anything about," Trebek said, "like: 'Where did Henry Fonda and Marlon Brando's mother go to school?' "
     Alex, what is Omaha Central High School?
     That's the school executive producer Harry Friedman and senior producer Gary Johnson attended in the 1960s. Johnson also is the head writer -- and mostly to blame for all the Nebraska clues.
     Also from the state: associate segment producer Stewart Hoke and longtime writer Steve Tamerius.
     Nebraska has been named in at least 68 clues in recent years, and many others have had obvious ties to the state even though it was not named.
     "We know Nebraska, so we tend to write about it more than other states," Johnson said.
     ...Tamerius makes sure to get a Nebraska category on the show at least once a year. He also tries to mention his hometown of Fairbury in a clue, usually something about the historic Pony Express station near the Southeast Nebraska town.

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