Saturday, August 23, 2014

State of Nebraska gives Omaha a liquor license for city shooting range

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert owns a
purse-size Glock 26 and a concealed-carry
permit, but doesn't pack heat at City Hall
because the City-County Bldg. doesn't
allow weapons.
Before the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission unanimously approved a liquor license for the recently and expensively renovated Harry A. Koch Trap & Skeet Range, it did express some concerns about alcoholic beverages being served at a city-owned facility where shotguns are discharged,  (Hey, you didn't think people in GOP Gov. Heineman's administration were stupid pushovers for reckless requests by the administrations of cities with GOP mayors, did you?) 
     Anyway, the liquor commission's tough questions  were smoothly allayed by Steven Slater of Mayor Stothert's administration, who assured the prudent killjoys that "Alcoholic beverages will only be served and allowed to be consumed after patrons have completed any target shooting at the range or [if] they are not target shooting"
     And how will the City of Omaha do that? Software! A computer program will track who has purchased beer and prevent them from shooting, said Slater in an email.
     Well OK! Security software, that 21st Century miracle that keeps your debit cards safe from hackers at Target and other companies, will keep drunks away from the shotguns at Omaha's shooting range!
     Incidentally, in case you thought that Nebraskans were only mad about football, you should know that competitive shooting is actually the state's fastest growing school sport, according to Omaha Parks and Recreation Director Brook Bench, who said more than 500 Omaha area high school students now shoot competitively.
     In fact, Slater, who is the "contractual services coordinator" for the project, said “High schools got us going. They wanted a place to shoot and that got the ball rolling.”
     And now high school teenagers can blast shotguns in a beautiful new venue that serves alcohol! Pull! Bottoms up!

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