Sunday, August 24, 2014

Catholic Cardinal who called U.S. Ambassador a 'faggot' also called Papal Ambassador/accused child molester a 'great friend'; Dominicans want the Vatican to extradite Wesolowski

The New York Times has just published an article by Laurie Goodstein entitled For Nuncio Accused of Abuse, Dominicans Want Justice at Home, Not Abroad. The piece examines yet another Papal pedophile scandal, this  time in the Dominican Republic. The blog Blabbeando has covered this in detail.
     Former Papal Nuncio to the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski, has been defrocked and will face criminal charges in the Vatican, but Dominicans are unhappy that the Vatican secretly recalled him last year without informing Dominican authorities and then claimed diplomatic immunity for him.
     ...Mr. Wesolowski began sending a young Dominican church deacon to procure children for him, law enforcement authorities in the Dominican Republic say.
     The deacon, Francisco Javier Occi Reyes, was arrested by the police on June 24, 2013, accused of solicitation of minors and taken to jail. But no one came to bail him out, and the deacon sent an anguished letter dated July 2 to Mr. Wesolowski, to be delivered to him by hand at his office.
       ...“Hopefully you will consider asking for God to help you to walk away from this evil disease of continuing to sexually abuse innocent children,” the letter said, according to a copy obtained by The New York Times from a Dominican Justice Ministry official.
     The deacon sent copies of the letter to Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus López Rodriguez, the head of the church in the Dominican Republic, and to a Dominican bishop, Gregorio Nicanor Peña Rodríguez. The cardinal then carried the evidence to the Vatican, where he met directly with Pope Francis, according to interviews with the Dominican authorities. On Aug. 21 last year, Mr. Wesolowski was secretly recalled to Rome. Six days later, the cardinal called the papal nuncio “a great friend and promoter of peace.” Neither the cardinal, nor other church officials, reported the allegations to the local authorities, Dominican officials say.
     ...“This is the most terrible case that I have ever seen,” said [D.A.] Reynoso. “He [Wesolowski]was abusing kids who were living in extreme poverty, in exchange for pills for a boy’s illness. It’s very perverse.”
     ...The case has reverberated in Poland, where prosecutors have sought to extradite Mr. Wesolowski, who holds both Vatican and Polish citizenship.
     Poland has indicted another Polish priest, the Rev. Wojciech Gil, who fled the Dominican Republic last year amid allegations that he abused altar boys in his rural parish. Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic say that Father Gil and Mr. Wesolowski spent time with young boys at the nuncio’s beach house.
     There are indications from Rome that the pope himself is concerned about the Wesolowski case...
Read the full story at the New York Times, here.
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