Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bill Kelly: When Omaha cops put the drag in dragnet

We totally stole Bill Kelly's headline for his look back at Johnny 5-0 in his NET blog, Courts and Cops, because what could you write that is better?
     It seems during the spring of 1920 police heard several complaints about “the degenerate who has been terrorizing roadside lovers.” It’s not spelled out , but a reader assumes Omaha had a prowling “peeping tom” or what present day law enforcement officials characterize as “a perv.” The Douglas County Sheriff assigned two deputies to the case, Charles T. Johnson and James “Jimmie” Lindsay.
     From the World-Herald story:
They did admit kissing "a time or two." Both men blushed when they admitted it. "We didn't see the degenerate," they said. "But we certainly carried our part through."
     Nowadays, the Omaha World-Herald doesn't have to settle for titillating staged photos of sexual shenanigans decoys — it actually publishes TMZ-style video (curiously missing the Omaha World-Herald logo, though) of an actual drag event...
(Tipped by reader Tom)

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