Monday, July 14, 2014

PayPal screws sex workers too—it seizes their money

PayPal's suburban Omaha
operations center in LaVista
      ...Activist and writer Maggie Mayhem had one such experience with Paypal.
      Back in 2010, she had used a Paypal button on her personal blog, collecting donations to fund a flight to Haiti for post-earthquake relief community service. After a month of successful fundraising, Paypal closed her account and froze the money.
      “It was the worst customer-service call ever,” Mayhem recounted. “They were distinctly rude to me. I was ready to break down in tears. They were a breath away from calling me a slut on the phone. It was very clear: ‘We don’t care about your business or your content.’”
      On her blog, Mayhem had written about her experiences performing in porn, but her volunteer work had nothing to do with her occupation. According to Mayhem, Paypal’s terms of service led them to conclude that the fact that she had done sex work was sufficient cause to deny her the money she had raised. Neither Mayhem nor her donors have been refunded.

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