Friday, July 18, 2014

Maggie Gallagher on how the GOP can win: prices are too damn high!

Now that the residual genius of Gallagher's stint at the National Organization for Marriage is guiding that organization to victory after victory in state after state and court after court over the dark forces of marriage equality, she is free to advise the GOP on the errors of its ways.
     To whit: Voters don't mind the diminution of jobs in the USA due to increasing automation: what they really care about is declining purchasing power! 
     Of course! If only Mitt Romney had had Maggie's wisdom to draw on while he was running, he could have made a compaign ad of himself at a Piggly-Wiggly complaining about the price of coffee (well, milk) and voters would have connected with him, and the GOP would now be occupying the White House, happily running interference for the beleaguered 1% who now pay far too much for groceries because Obama.
     ...the GOP’s single biggest need is a clear narrative for why voters are experiencing broad and deep drops in their own families’ standard of living. Massive wage stagnation and climbing health-insurance costs combine with price increases in the things that consume middle- and working-class family budgets: groceries, gas, utilities. Main Street hurts while Obama’s Wall Street favorites feast on government guarantees.
     Calling Dems on their imagined pink-elephant threats to contraception, demanding respect for diversity (and nuns), and running ads calling the Democrats on their abortion extremism is the way to win the War for Women. That and beginning to name the pain that all families are feeling.
     It’s not “jobs” or “job creation” per se, it is the broad persistent decline in purchasing power that is weighing most heavily on voters’ minds. A good place to start would be describing that concern and explaining it, between now and November, and coming up with something that helps. It is our most urgent need.

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