Friday, June 27, 2014

Gay marriage lawsuit in St. Louis, MO could make homophobic Nebraska AG Jon Bruning even more miserable than he already is

We think photographer David Carson took the photo of the year of
people defying dubious laws prohibiting marriage equality. Pictured:
St. Louis Recorder of Deeds Sharon Quigley Carpenter, left, and
Mayor Francis Slay

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Last Wednesday, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay had a St. Louis municipal judge marry four gay couples in his office, after which he notified Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, who, on Thursday, asked for an order to prevent further disobedience of state law by the Mayor and his friends.
     Slay promised not to be naughty again until the question percolates through the courts, which Koster said would take up to 18 months.
     This is not good news for homophobic NE AG Jon Bruning. Missouri is under the jurisdiction of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Nebraska. Last Wednesday, the 10th Circuit Court upheld a federal judge’s ruling declaring Utah’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional.
     Spoketh the Kansas City Star:
     [MO AG] Koster said he supports marriage equality, but his duty is to defend the laws of Missouri. Though the politically safe position for an ambitious politician in Missouri, it puts Koster on the wrong side of history. Attorneys general in at least five other states have said they will not defend gay marriage bans.
     Ultimately, the constitutionality of the state marriage bans will end up back with the U.S. Supreme Court. That day can’t come soon enough. And if the actions of the mayor of St. Louis and eight newlyweds help it arrive sooner, good for them.
     The ACLU of Missouri was already on this. It filed suit Tuesday on behalf of two same-sex couples who were denied marriage licenses last week by the Jackson County recorder of deeds, but didn't publicize its action because it didn't want to distract from St. Louis efforts.
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis says gay
weddings "disregard the laws of nature"
     On cue, the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis weighed in, citing Pope Benedict XVI, but, interestingly, not the church's current CEO, what's-his-face from Argentina.
     It is disheartening to see our wonderful city, named after the great Catholic civil leader St. King Louis IX, so eagerly cast aside the laws of our state and disregard the laws of nature.
     We will say this about the St. Louis Archdiocese: at least its predictably condescending anti-gay-civil-rights press releases are organized, up-to-date, comprehensive and easy to find on the church's web site. Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha, please take note.

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