Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Washington Post fact-checks Lee Terry's Obama care ad — and gives it 3 Pinocchios

From the Washington Post, which busted Andrea Kodad's "financial struggle" claim in a Lee Terry campaign ad:
     The Obama administration has since urged states to allow the extension of noncompliant plans until 2016, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, Kodad’s insurance company, prominently displays the notice on its Web site, saying plans can be extended for another two years. “BCBSNE extends ‘keep your plan’ until 2016,” the headline declares.
     In other words, Kodad — who declares “Obamacare is not good for my family” —  extended her plan and thus is not paying the higher rate. There is no “financial struggle.” She did not respond to a query left at her employer.
     Update, 11 am: Kodad called The Fact Checker but declined to go into details about her health plan unless The Fact Checker met her in person at her home in Omaha. “I am really not interested in being a one-time soundbite,” she said. “I am doing this as a PSA [public service announcement].” She acknowledged that her old plan had been rolled over but said that “the spirit of the ad” was to highlight “what the true Obamacare costs are.”
No, Ms. Kodad. You didn't do a PSA. You did a dishonest campaign ad. And the "spirit" of the ad is that you helped Lee Terry tell yet another lie, or, at best, a misleading, deceptive half-truth.

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