Saturday, June 28, 2014

June's strangest Omaha Police Dept. tweet, so far

Stefon, who lives in Manhattan, who takes cabs, and who frequents the kinds of clubs that OPD and Omaha's blue-nosed city administration would shut down in a New York Minute, is hardly the type to waste even one of those minutes attending the kind of event described in this cop tweet. 
     Though we doubt SNL's fictional character has anything against Vets, motorcycle and car exhibitions are Club Kid repellents, unless said funseekers have suddenly become devotees of the politically reactionary American Legion magazines available for your edification in barber shops everywhere.
     AKSARBENT supposes it should be happy that someone in the OPD is a fan of Stefon, but frankly it creeps us out a little.
     Below: "How long you been carrying around that button?"

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