Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sportsball collisions in Brazil and Omaha: Uruguayan serial biter Luis Suarez chomps a shoulder and VA's Mike Papi shoulders some teeth

     In a Brazil World Cup match yesterday, Uruguyan striker and serial biter Luis Suarez appeared to have run into Italy's Giorgio Chiellini with his teeth.
     Snickers, Trident Gum and McDonald's Uruguay all offered Suarez their products to bite the next time he gets hungry.
     Alexander Holyfield, bitten by Mike Tyson in the ear, added his two cents in a fatalistic tweet.
     The Huffington Post UK offered: "Chewy Luis and the Blues"
Above: CWS ump gives an extravagant
impersonation of a sighted person.
     Meanwhile, here in Omaha, Virginia's Mike Papi appeared to have run into Vanderbilt third baseman Tyler Campbell's mouth with his shoulder as he was tagged out in the ninth.
     Campbell sustained a cut.

     After Papi jogged back to his dugout, Vanderbilt fans chanted "Throw him out!" but he stayed in the game.
     As for Suarez, a FIFA decision on suspension is pending.
     Virginia's 7-2 victory Tuesday, after Vanderbilt's 9-8 win Monday will force a third game in the CWS finals Wednesday. Neither team has ever won a CWS championship.
     Below: CWS venue after Tuesday's penultimate 2014 finals game between Virginia and Vanderbilt. Top photo is of a Vanderbilt player.

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