Sunday, May 18, 2014

The hypocrisy of Dallas TV host Amy Kushnir

AKSARBENT can't say it disagrees much with this critique of the selectively delicate sensibilities of many heteros in respect of gay PDAs, although the following aside is a bit hard to take:
"...two men who were in a genuine, loving and committed relationship share a private moment that just happened to be televised..."
     Wut? A national sports network plants a camera crew in front of your couch to record your reaction to being drafted and said reaction is described as a private moment that just happened to be televised? Seriously?
     While we would not begrudge Michael Sam his domestic moment of excessive celebration, we wonder what he plans to do with Vito when and if they get married, considering that he seems already to have shot his public cake smushing/face sucking wad prematurely on ESPN.

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