Friday, May 16, 2014

The gay reason former Treasury Sec. Geithner called Dinesh D'Souza a dick in college at Dartmouth

Former treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, in his new memoir, Stress Test, recounted the time he spotted far right activist Dinesh D'Souza when they both were at Dartmouth and D'Souza was an editor at the conservative Dartmouth Review.'s Ezra Klein asked him about that in the interview below at the 30:30 mark.
Klein: So I have a couple very specific questions about your book. I would like to hear more about the time you called Dinesh D'Souza a dick.
Geithner: There was a group of conservative students at that point that started a conservative newspaper called the Dartmouth Review and they published in their newspaper a confidential list of members of the Lesbian-Gay Student Alliance, including a bunch of people who hadn't come out to their friends or their parents. And it was devastating to them. They did it without their consent. And so I ran into him [D'Souza] in a line at the dining hall or one of the cafes and said, "Well, you hood."
     D'Souza is under federal criminal indictment for allegedly violating campaign finance law.

(Via Talking Points Memo)

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