Wednesday, May 28, 2014

That stunning Watford, ND mancamp tornado video should sell a lot of Nokia Lumia cellphones

It was recorded on an "old" Nokia Lumia 925, a Windows phone, and looks like a million bucks. We would have sworn it was taken with a DSLR.
     Nokia (now owned by Microsoft) may not have a lot of apps, and you can be sure that the NSA would MUCH prefer you to use a Microsoft product rather than a harder-to-spy-on Apple device, but if you want jaw-dropping videography from your phone, those Lumias fill the bill like nothing else.
     The newer ones are exceptional in low light too, according to the company's ads and reviewers.
     After seeing this, we may get one.
     You might want to turn down the sound on the video unless you enjoy watching individuals who say "Holy shit" and laugh as a tornado comes well within a tee shot of them — and from the ladies' tees, we might add.

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