Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Koch Bros. bio, Sons of Wichita, is one of the books on which Amazon is delaying shipment in Jihad against small publisher

Time calls Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
(above) "controlling, ruthless
and vicious"
but defends him
Amazon's well-publicized feud with Hachette has resulted in the online giant putting the screws to the publisher by listing Hachette titles as "out of stock" while subjecting others to shipping delays and uncompetitive pricing.
Sons of Wichita -- a brand-new book about the Koch brothers by first-time author Daniel Schulman. Amazon says the hardcover is subject to a 2-to-4-week shipping delay.
      "As a first-time author, you have so much to prove -- that you can produce a good book, but then that it can actually sell," Schulman told Al Jazeera. "If my book isn't seen as a success, regardless of the reason, it can affect my ability to sell a second one."

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