Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mike Hilgers, a GOP political hack running for NE Attorney General, didn't vote in 7 of 10 elections
before fall of 2012

  • started a political law firm to "run money for SuperPACs"
  • he doesn't believe a raped woman should be allowed to terminate her pregnancy even if it threatens her own life, and he
  • tells voters the brazen lie that Obamacare is an unconstitutional mandate even though the federal government has had laws requiring the purchase of health insurance since the 1700s!
     Here's an ad Ken Haar ran against Hilgers in 2012:

Barack Obama is the third president to back a health insurance mandate
     Professor Einer Elhauge of Harvard Law School wrote about the U.S. history of health insurance mandates in the New Republic.
     Slate says his research thoroughly rebuts the argument that Hilgers is using to try to con voters.
  • In 1790, a Congress including 20 Founders passed a law requiring that ship owners buy medical insurance for their seamen. Washington signed it into law.
  • In 1792, another law signed by Washington required that all able-bodied men buy a firearm. (So much for the argument that Congress can’t force us to participate in commerce.)
  • And in 1798, a Congress with five framers passed a law requiring that all seamen buy hospital insurance for themselves. Adams signed this legislation.

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