Thursday, May 15, 2014

I am used to be the NRA!

Mark Kessler also used to be the police chief of Gilberton, PA. Recently, he was fired asked to retire and given a lovely $30,000 parting gift. (Via JMG)

On The Pete Santilli Show, Kessler said:
...that he now believes the NRA has been hijacked. He was surprised and dissapointed when the powerful lobby gave him no support after he went to them for help while forming his now wildly popular Constitutional Security Force. The tenacious and outspoken Chief Kessler was adamant about his right to form a constitutional security force even though the NRA told him he would not succeed, and that it would do him no good to try.  The now high profile Chief forged ahead without the N.R.A. and went on to prove them wrong, and he now proudly has the support of 38 states. For Chief Kessler there is no turning back and no fear as he plans to run against the democrat he calls unconstitutional, sheriff Joe Grudie.
Ted Nugent, fundraiser for Lincoln Sen. Colby Coasch, likes the NRA too!

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