Saturday, May 24, 2014

Facebook's guilty-until-proven-innocent robot tribunal suspends another account

Del Shores, a writer for the U.S. version of Queer As Folk, was notified that his page was shut down for 30 days because, he suspects, religious bigots mounted a campaign against him:
The particular offending post was attacked by a few religious bigots, one who railed on the gay community by quoting scripture after scripture. Many fans commented back, and I ultimately banned and blocked him, deleting his hateful comments in the name of the Lord. But apparently not before he and his trolls reported my page.
Here was Facebook's automated nonexplanatory explanation:
     Facebook's modus operandi seems to be to automatically suspend pages in response to any orchestrated complaints — legitimate or not —  and then not meaningfully review or respond to said revocations until hundreds of people waste their time getting the attention of actual humans at the contemptibly impersonal social media behemoth in order to attempt to persuade it to do the right thing.
     You might say that Facebook doesn't act until its users embarrass it, but that posits the questionable assumption that the company is capable of being ashamed of the never-ending stream of lying, deceit and shell games that it inflicts on its hapless users.

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