Saturday, May 24, 2014

Doris Day turns 90

Actually, her birthday party was April 5th. She celebrated at the Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley at a fundraiser for her charity, the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Polly Edwards, who took and uploaded the video, wrote:
Doris was not expected to attend, at least not by me, but ...She walked in the room and the crowd went wild. A crowd gathered around her and moved with her as she made her way to her seat. She had a man standing hear her to act as some protection through the evening's entertainment, but when people walked up to her she was incredibly friendly and welcoming. At the end of the event she stayed while everyone went up to her one by one to thank her or hug her or wish her happy birthday. It was an incredibly happy event. As you can see from the video she looks fantastic, is sharp as can be, and is loving life.
     Below: Day, back in the day, when Rock Hudson pretended to be a straight character who was pretending to be gay so "Jan" would be encouraged to verify that he wasn't by sleeping with him. Don't laugh. In the 60s, Playboy Magazine once playfully encouraged its horndog readers to try this ploy in order to get laid. In life, Doris Day called Hudson "Ernie" and he called her "Eunice" instead of her usual Hollywood nickname, Clara Bixby.
     Doris Day turned down the role of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate because she thought it would be bad for her image. Well, she got that right. It might have caused critics to stop thinking of her as a movie star and start considering her to be a serious actress. Fortunately, Ann Bancroft got the part and even subliminally (almost) flashed Mike Nichol's camera.

Fun Fact about Doris Day, from IMDb:
In order to make a political statement regarding the platform of the Canadian Alliance Party, in 2000 Canadian Satirist Rick Mercer launched an attempt to hold a national referendum on the question of whether or not Stockwell Day should be forced to change his first name to "Doris." Within days he had the required number of signatures under the Alliance Party's then-current platform to launch a federal referendum. Doris, according to her publicist, was amused by this.
Fun fact about Rock Hudson:
Once, quite drunk, he welcomed a gay buddy who worked as a suit at Universal to one of his pool parties and escorted him to the second floor where they surveyed the guests splayed around the pool. Hudson helpfully pointed out that "the brunettes are named 'Grant' and the blonds are named 'Todd.' "

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