Monday, May 12, 2014

Bill Maher: 'If I want to sit in the privacy of my living room and say... I don't like watching two men kiss... I should be able to...'

ALSO: Ben Sasse or Ben's Ass? Name of Tea Party candidate in Nebr. Senate race mocked in in hysterical YouTube video with a slew of double-entendre butt jokes.

Click here to see the entire YouTube clip of Maher's piece
excerpted in this post

Donald Sterling's ugly racism irked Bill Maher less than the invasion of privacy that exposed it.
     AKSARBENT can't say that it disagrees.
     ...Who wants to live in a world where the only privacy you have is inside your head?
     That's what life in East Germany was like. That's why we fought the cold war, remember?
     So we'd never have to live in some awful limbo where you never knew who, even among your friends, was an informer.

     And now we're doing to ourselves!
     Well, don't. Don't be part of the problem.
     If this was a campaign ad, I'd say, "Call [WaPo columnist] Kathleen Parker and tell her you're not ready to edit everything you say in private. And then, just to fuck with her head, tell her you have an audio tape of a book party she gave at her home with five close female friends, all of whom had way too much wine."
     'Cause I'm sure there's been that night and she wouldn't want that tape to come out.
     Who would?
     ...There's a reason houses have doors on them and windows have shades.
     And if I want to sit in the privacy of my living room and say "I think the Little Mermaid is hot and I wanna bang her or I don't like watching two men kiss or I think tattoos look terrible on black people, I should be able to, even if you think that makes me an asshole.
     Now, do I really believe those things?

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