Friday, May 30, 2014

An increasingly addled Tom Becka wins on-air argument with himself on KFOR over defending La Vista's anti-atheist mayor, Douglas 'Take me to fucking court because I don't care' Kindig

Hermant Mehta, of the (not so) Friendly Atheist accompanied his account of Becka's live, on-the-air evolution with actual audio:
The funny thing is that, as Becka kept complaining about the atheists, he eventually (and hilariously) came right back around to supporting the Omaha Atheists’ position...
     It even got to the point where Becka, without fully acknowledging it, ended up making the Omaha Atheists’ case for them, while still suggesting they shut up about all this.
     So there you have it. Tom Becka’s body is completely out of control. He’s talking out of his ass and putting his foot in his mouth at the same time.
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