Tuesday, April 8, 2014

'My gay neighbors can take out my trash and mind my mail when I'm gone, but they don't deserve equality in employment rights'

Here's an excerpt from Objective Conservative's condescending guest rationale (by one "Ted Quick") for denying gay Nebraskans the same protected status in employment (via failed LB485) that other minorities enjoy:

     This bill must be defeated...
     I have nothing against the gay and lesbian community.   My next door neighbors are two of the finest guys you'd ever run into.  They are kind, generous and we watch each other's' homes when we travel.  They have the codes to my house.  They take my garbage can out when I'm gone and take the mail into my house when the box becomes full.  I couldn't ask for better friends or neighbors.  I also have some great lesbian friends who live a few houses away from me.  But now each of them is being forced, by virtue of them being different, into another ridiculous movement.   They are being separated from the rest of us. 
     Many of us are sick and tired of having the LGBT "movement" jammed down our throats...

     AKSARBENT thinks maybe Mr. Quick's gay neighbors deserve better "friends."
     One wonders if they know their lovely neighbor contributes to a blog which describes them in words favored by gutter bigots:

We know our liberal detractors are saying that we are saying the sky is falling.   Well, we think it is or certainly will when it comes to creating special classes for gays, lesbians, transgenders, cross-dressers, aka., queers and perverts..." 

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