Friday, February 14, 2014

Bail lowered for alleged assailant of Omaha Marine, Ryan Langenegger, who peacefully defended gay friends

Suspected gay-bashing assailant Gregory Duncan of Fenton, Missouri
Ryan Langenegger was bashed after three Old Market
Pepperjax customers harassed two of his gay friends,
one of whom was in drag, then followed them outside
when they abruptly left. Langenegger received facial bruising,
a gash and two chipped teeth after allegedly being sucker-
punched by Duncan while Langenegger was distracted by
Duncan's companions.
Original AKSARBENT post here.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that "a Douglas County judge" lowered bail for Gregory S. Duncan, 35, of Fenton, MO to $15,000 from $100,000 following his arrest last Friday for the October 27th, 2013 assault of Ryan Langenegger outside PepperJax Grill.
     Duncan will stand trial in district court.
     Duncan, in Omaha working a construction job, must now get permission to leave Nebraska and faces up to five years in prison, for a third degree felony assault (upgraded because of a hate crime charge due to the nature of harassment and insults allegedly made by Duncan and his two companions.)
     Below: AKSARBENT's video of the "Drag Out Hate" rally across the street from PepperJax Grill, where Langenegger was assaulted.

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