Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Redneck alcoholics now worsening U.S. trade deficit: Japanese buy Jim Beam; Bud also foreign-owned

Suntory just paid $16 billion for Jim Beam. Budweiser was acquired years ago by the Belgian/Brazilian conglomerate InBev. Miller isn't a U.S. beer either.
     Related: Dry drunk Phil Robertson discovered that Satan and a permissive 60s culture — not himself — were responsible for the eight years of liquor and substance abuse in his 20s that caused him to savagely beat a bar owner and his wife over a rent dispute, sending them to the hospital and forcing his wife and small sons to fend for themselves while he hid in the woods of a neighboring state from the Louisiana State Patrol for four months.
     After repeatedly kicking his wife and kids out of the house, Robertson finally straightened up.
     Nowadays, the only people Robertson assaults are LGBTs, with biblical clobber phrases from the Apostle Paul.
    Curiously, Robertson avoids Corinthians, even as he recites Romans with both relish and Johnny-come-lately sanctimony.

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