Saturday, January 4, 2014

Iowa Rep. Steve King calls LGBT slurs by Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson 'objectively true'

Robertson's abridged comments are from Romans 1:26-32, an attack by
the Christian Apostle Paul on shrine prostitution repurposed by Robertson
to clobber modern LGBTs
In a fund­raising email, Iowa Rep. Steve King com­pared his enemies to critics of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, saying his views are:

“contrary to views held by those with loud megaphones, including the liberal media and PC police…
the leftists who disagree with him made it clear with their attacks that conservatives are to be driven from public life if they express their opinions, however objectively true they might be.

     Duck Dynasty illustrates faith, family and good, old-fashioned American values. And this attack illustrates the left’s unspoken rule that tolerance is a one way street. Conservatives are to be tolerant of liberal ideology; however, the left need not be tolerant of conservative Christians.
     I have been in similar situations to the one Phil Robertson finds himself in now. I have learned to navigate their intolerance while holding firm to our values. Whether it’s the Robertsons or anyone who finds themselves in the crosshairs of the media or a leftist hyperventilater sitting across the table at the local diner, employ this strategy:

     “Don’t back down. If you are right and you are standing on principle, whatever you do, don’t back down. The second you back down, they win.
     “Don’t apologize. John Wayne said, “Never apologize. It’s a sign of weakness.” I agree, unless we are wrong and we are not wrong.
     “Double down. Americans recognize courage and conviction. If the left attacks our conservative beliefs, I say, “If you don’t like that, here’s some more.”
     “Never waiver from the truth. This includes taking on all the left’s false premises before they become the perceived truth. The left is not held accountable to the truth — it is our duty to expose them. Objective truth is a shield protecting us from the left.
     “Tolerance has never been a two-way street with the left. Time and time again conservatives are lambasted for stating their opinions, the opinions derived from faith, family, and an understanding of history. Once again the left encourages a double standard to advance their agenda.
     “As you know, I have not and will not back down. And like other conservatives who stand their ground, I’m always a top target of the left.
     “Last election cycle, Col. Allen West, Michele Bachmann, and I were the three top targets of the liberals throughout the country. With Col. West’s defeat and now Michele’s retirement, I’m the last one standing.

     Jim Mowrer, a Boone native and Iraq war veteran will challenge King next November for the 4th Congressional District, covering northwest/north-central Iowa Sioux City, Fort Dodge and Ames.
     Mowrer told the Des Moines Register Thursday that if he is elected to Congress he won’t feel a need to comment on “every silly story of the day,” but will work to find solutions to very real problems the country is facing. He said King’s remarks are an example of why Washington, D.C. and Congress are “broken.”
     “I will work to focus on ensuring job opportunities, investment and infrastructure, clean American energy and getting a farm bill passed,” Mowrer said. “I don’t have a comment on Congressman King’s comments on a reality TV show actor’s comments.”

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