Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Phil Robertson vs. The Dating Game

Phil Robertson, who, at age 67, is puzzled that some people's sexual attraction is not "logical," questioned why some men would prefer a particular variant of sex with other males when women"got more to offer." What we assume Robertson also doesn't know is that the sexual activity that confounds him is practiced far more frequently each day by heteros than by homos.

Here's what Jezebel said about the patriarch of Duck Dynasty:
Hot on the heels of "gay men were sent by the devil to tempt us all with their magnificent anuses" and "picking cotton was so fun, black people just COULDN'T STOP SINGING" comes Phil's latest greatest hit: If you want a subservient Biblical wife-slave, make sure you marry her when she's still an impressionable and terrified 15-year-old child.

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  1. I liked the world creating as well. It makes the story really interesting. Although this dating games are with three bachelors, to be honest, I think it's obvious she will end up with Mal. I would be beyond surprised if she completed up with Nikolai.