Thursday, December 5, 2013

People for the American Way exposes ALEC's six categories of gays: blatant, secret lifer, desperate, adjusted, bisexual and situational

From PAW, which recently exposed documents from the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, which produces "model" legislation written by corporate lobbyists for passage in state legislatures by compliant lawmakers:
     ALEC classified all gay people into six categories: “the blatant, the secret lifer, the desperate, the adjusted, the bisexual and the situational.” The “blatant” gay person was "obvious and ‘limp-wristed’”; the “adjusted” would “try to conduct a ‘conventional’ gay marriage”; and so on.  Yet no matter what category a gay person fell into, ALEC argued, the most dominant practice within “the homosexual world is pedophilia, the fetish for young children.” This tendency, the group claimed, was the product of the fact that “the homosexual cannot reproduce themselves biologically, so they must recruit the young.”
     ALEC lamented that the federal government funded AIDS research and allocated tax money to countering the AIDS epidemic.  The group discouraged states from passing anti-discrimination laws because, according to one ALEC newsletter from April 1984, such legislation “might jeopardize public health in restaurants, dental offices, and other areas because of the communicable disease AIDS.”
     ...Today, decades later, ALEC has stopped referring to homosexuality as “an abomination” in its literature, yet the organization continues to push legislation and policy ideas founded on the notion of exclusion – policies that protect the “liberties” of corporations rather than those of individual Americans.

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