Monday, December 2, 2013

No more big screen Panasonic plasma TVs after 2014

     Sigh. The company has confirmed rumors it will exit the market. Too bad. Home cinema connoisseurs have long worshipped at the altar of the company's beautiful plasma displays (like the limited edition beauty below) with their exquisite shadow detail, usually rendered as mud in lesser technology like LCD TVs or so-called LED TVs (really just LCD TVs backlit with LEDs rather than flourescent tubes.)
     Interestingly, as screen sizes increase, the quality of TV color rendition is falling. The best color and dynamic range is actually rendered on a (properly adjusted) tube television, but try getting a 60-inch tube TV (if you could find one) through your front door.
     Here's a video of Panasonic's last plasma gasp (the company line is going out with a bang, not a whimper) including an explanation of why the screen has the deepest blacks you can buy — the company sucked out all the air between the plasma and the glass screen during the manufacturing process.

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