Sunday, December 8, 2013

NBC punted on notorious Sound of Music dialog line

In the film, Mother Abbess/Superior Peggy Wood* (in her last cinema role) famously asked Julie Andrews: "What is it you can't face?" — and came close, but not too close to pronouncing "can't" in a way that evoked a well-known four-letter word with a different vowel and no apostrophe, which would have changed the line to a hilarious, "What is it you c*ntface?"
     Because of this, funloving (i.e., gay) musical theatre aficionados breathlessly awaited the pronunciation of the line in the NBC live version by Audra McDonald, only to discover that in the killjoy TV version, the contraction was cut, in favor of the word "cannot."
*Peggy Wood's singing in the film was dubbed by Margery McKay.

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