Friday, December 27, 2013

Divorced San Antonio televangelist/huckster John Hagee tells atheists to get out of America again to make more room for gullible Christers he can fleece

     Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio, a very rich, low-rent Texas bible bully, has gone off again on the phony-baloney War on Christmas and on atheists, saying:
Humanists are now making the claim that Christmas was originally a pagan holiday. Hey dummy: look at the word: CHRIST-mas!
     He's lying, of course. What "humanists" actually claim, correctly, was that December 25th was first a pagan holiday.    
     The marks at his extremely profitable business, Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, and those who watch him on 10 (!) TV networks must be among the gullible people on the planet. By itself, Hagee's mailing list of chumps must be worth several fortunes.
     Wonder if they'd swallow this variation of the above (only a fool would bet against it):
Historians are now making the claim that Istanbul was once Constantinople. Hey dummy! Look at the word: ISTAN-bul!
We're already bored. Oh, look over here: there's another one from a different faith franchise, this one up in Dallas.

     How about washing your brain off with a nice Betty Bowers video, which exposes Hagee, Jeffries and their ilk as the plodding, witless, trolling, grasping liars they all are.

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