Monday, November 25, 2013

Wingnut antigay NE state senator to try again to force state's teachers to obtain concealed carry gun permits

Imperial, NE State Senator Mark Christensen
Photo: Nebraska Unicameral

Christensen says his new proposal would include even more stringent requirements than a failed earlier version of such a bill he sponsored in 2011.
     From WOWT:
The new measure would first require teachers to hold a concealed-carry permit. They then would have to take additional training, possibly with a simulator. After that, the local school board would have to approve them to carry the weapon.
Previously in AKSARBENT:
Christensen was the sole Judiciary Committee vote against LB385, allowing gay foster parents. Christensen introduced two bills limiting the rights of Nebraska property owners. Christensen introduced an antiabortion "justifiable homicide" bill creating a defense for violent attacks on abortion providers. In the video here  at the 17:25 mark, Christensen was accused by a fellow senator of possibly outing a rural gay neighbor during a legislative hearing, and at the 7:47 mark Christensen accused Sen. Ernie Chambers of talking about the "bad genetics" of "homersexuals." Chambers, a fierce defender of gay civil liberties never used such a phrase.

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