Saturday, November 9, 2013

The View: Jenny McCarthy outs The Rock, Tatum Channing and the Pittsburgh Steelers — all gay!

Sheri: On the season premiere of the Real Housewifes of Atlanta, Portia Stewart claims she was blindsided by divorce papers from her former NFL-star husband, Cordel Stewart, and she even suggested that because Cordel didn't want her, you know he didn't show much interest in her, that he might be gay.

Jenny: That's right.

Sheri: You know, and I know Cordel — he's denied the allegations, but I don't know — do you think Portia's being a little full of herself to think that just because  Cordel wasn't into her that he's gotta be gay?

Jenny: I don't know... Why not? I mean, I've always assume that every guy that's ever rejected me is gay.

Sheri: Really Jenny? Really?

Jenny: Yeah.

Sheri: You really think they might be gay?

Jenny: Every single one of them

Sheri: Ok, now, smell what I'm cooking:

Jenny: Gay. Gay.

Sheri: OK

Jenny: Totally gay.

Sheri: Magic Mike! No!

Jenny: Totally gay.

Sheri: C'mon. That's the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jenny: All gay. Sorry.

Video is at the 24:45 mark here, following the "sex tape"
that Shari Shepherd claims she tried to sell to Vivid.

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