Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Simpson-Cheney rift preceded gay marriage flap; Simpson's shameless double-standard

Back in September, there was a he-said-she-said between Alan Simpson and Lynne Cheney over a football for her granddaughter that he refused to sign because the 15-year-old couldn't confirm that it wouldn't be used to raise money for Lynne's daughter Liz's Senate campaign. (Simpson is backing Cheney's GOP primary opponent, Mike Enzi.)
     Lynne says the football was to be auctioned off for cancer fundraising and that Simpson was rude to her granddaughter.
     Simpson says Cheney told him to shut up.
     There are no heroes in this nasty GOP political soap opera.
     Slippery Alan Simpson's candidate, Mike Enzi, is being backed by arch-homo­phobe Mike Huckabee, in a SuperPac ad (right, top left) with a Huckabee voiceover pointing out that that Enzi has always backed traditional marriage (meaning opposed marriage equality.)
     But the contemptible Simpson is trying to have it both ways, criticizing Cheney for burning bridges with the gay household in her family even as he backs a candidate who has always taken the same position that Mary Cheney is now: an insistence that gay couples remain strangers to the law. Double standard, much? 

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