Friday, November 22, 2013

John and Chris talk to a passive/agressive Air Force Academy representative

After John Aravosis, of Americablog, broke the story, earlier this week, about the Air Force's hiring of an ex-gay zealot to oversee the counseling program at the USAF Academy, questions were raised about how baked-in LGBT hostility at the Air Force Academy really is.
     To assuage these fears (or massage the perception of them) the Air Force set up a conference call, about which Aravosis blogged at some length. "ME" is he:

ME: But you just told us the cadets cannot answer questions about what concerns were raised at a meeting, when you are holding this press conference to convince us that no concerns were raised. That’s a little odd.
ACADEMY MEDIA REP: Okay, if you’re going to be unprofessional, we can end the call for you and let the other reporters get what they need, cuz we’re trying to help out a number of reporters here sir, and you’re only one of them.
BUZZFEED’S [CHRIS] GEIDNER: There are two of us asking the same sort of questions.  And the question wasn’t answered. I mean [garbled] you’re saying that there were concerns raised, but then indignantly saying we’re not going to get into their personal lives. Make up your mind. Is the call about transparency or not?

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