Friday, November 8, 2013

Gay Star Wars fan night on CBS and ABC

First, on CBS earlier in the evening: belt buckle light sabres suitable for "sword fighting" and then later, on ABC, a lame Star Wars nerd makeout session in which homosexuality was again the butt of a Jimmy Kimmel Live! skit.
     The Big Bang Theory excursion into homoerotic allusion was uncharacteristically bawdy; we would be surprised if it didn't attract the ire of the self-described Million Moms were it not for the fact that they probably have given up on a sitcom that routinely showcases the atheism of its characters.
     Sample dialogue from the scene in which Rajeesh gives Howard a belt-buckle light saber he made himself:
See? And that's not even the best part. I have one too! Check it out. You can wear yours and we can have little sword fights whenever we want!
     The cringe-worthy reference to obscene homoerotic horseplay was followed later in the evening on ABC by a lame, creepy, same-sex nerd makeout skit on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which was probably only the second most offensive thing the show served up this month: Kimmel and ABC are still trying to minimize the anger over a segment that aired on the program in mid-October that has prompted an organization representing 100 Chinese-American organizations to call for demonstrations against the network in 27 cities. 
Purple-shirted dude is highly unamused; our sentiments exactly

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