Monday, November 4, 2013

Eminent domain abuse:
shady pipeline project targeting nuns in Kentucky

From the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition:
And surprise, surprise the companies involved are already being shady about it. The project is a joint venture between Williams and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners and thus far they have not held any public meetings and have cancelled their appearance at a Fiscal Court meeting in Nelson County at the last minute. Not only has there been a lack of information provided to the general public about the project, but there has also been reports of bullying on the part of representatives going door-to-door. These reports include targeting the elderly, being extremely pushy, and in at least one instance telling a resident that they "might as well lease, because we will get your land either way". It is unclear as to whether or not the companies will seek eminent domain, but it is clear that many Kentuckians can't see the benefits outweighing the cost in this one, and are not going to forfeit their land without a fight.

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