Thursday, November 28, 2013

BBC saw Beatles' potential before record companies

The conservatively-run BBC passed the Beatles on their first audition — and passed on better-known groups like Gerry and the Pacemakers. To mark the occasion, Fresh Air interviewed Kevin Howlett, whose 2-CD boxed set of 53 Beatles appearances on the BBC has just been released.

Unfortunately, Fresh Air's NPR page tagged two of the four vintage black-and-white photos in the slide show accompanying the post with incorrect information.
     Any Beatle fan of a certain age would have known that the first picture, showing the group with short haircuts and bearing a captain dating the picture to 1964, is just wrong, as by then John, Paul George and Ringo all wore mop tops — and signed their first management contract with Epstein early in 1962. As for the second picture, well, the nonBeatle in the top photo, incorrectly id'd by the cutline as manager Brian Epstein, obviously is NOT manager Brian Epstein, shown in 1963 with the fab four in the photo at bottom.

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