Thursday, November 7, 2013

As Kremlin arrests Norwegian journalists in Sochi three times, Thomas Roberts interviews Anton Krasovsky, fired for coming out on Russian TV

Roberts, in Russia to host Donald Trump's Miss Universe pageant, interviews a photogenic fellow television anchor who used to tow the Kremlin line as a commenter on a Russian cable show before being thrown under the bus after he came out on the air. Meanwhile, news of Russian harassment of Norwegian journalists was only briefly mentioned in an introduction to Thomas' piece and by graphics superimposed on his interview with Krasovsky.
     For a more substantial account of Russian officials in Sochi stopping Oystein Bogen and Aage Aunes, reporter and cameraman respectively of Norway's TV2, six times and arresting them thrice go to The Guardian.
     Below: Roberts' Krasvosky interview, prefaced by news from MSNBC on Illinois' just-passed marriage equality legislation.

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