Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2/3 gay Brit Band, The XX, will sue antigay Croatian group, In the Name of the Family for using its music in anti-marriage equality TV ads

The antigay group wants to enshrine marriage equality in the constitution of Croatia and has collected 700,000 signatures (about 25% of Croatia's entire population) to put the referendum to a vote.
     In The Name of The Family is thought to have spent the equivalent of $8.5 million on its campaign against marriage equality.
     Over 700,000 people, nearly a quarter of all people in Croatia, have signed their name to a petition calling for the ban.

     From the Croatian Times:
The association used the music of the band when filming a clip to support the YES vote. Confusion was raised after the news website Index reported about the absurd situation.
     Below: the music  that the antigay group ripped off is from the group's popular composition, "Intro."

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