Tuesday, October 1, 2013

USOC claims it's not muzzling figure skaters on antiLGBT law in Russia, even though only one
dared take a position on the issue this week

Despite the fact that the USOC has failed to secure guarantees by ALL relevant authorities in Russia that U.S. athletes can speak freely about that country's draconian antiLGBT laws, and despite threats by the IOC that LGBT athletes who self-identify (with, for example, multi-colored fingernail polish) will be subject to Olympic sanctions, the USOC continues to pretend that it places interests of U.S. athletes first:
"I want to make it very clear that we have not asked our athletes not to speak up," USOC CEO Scott Blackmun said Tuesday at the Team USA Media Summit in Park City, Utah on Tuesday.
     ...Blackmun said that while they won't ask athletes to muzzle themselves, they are "making sure our athletes are aware of the law and aware of the possibility of the consequences. Because it's our job, first and foremost, to keep them safe while they're in Russia."
     So what would happen to an Olympic athlete if he or she decides to publicly denounce Russia's anti-gay law during the Sochi Games? The USOC doesn't know.
     Blackmun said the USOC is "actively" trying to gain clarity on what action would be taken by the Russians if [skier Bode] Miller or any other U.S. athlete speaks out. On Monday, Miller called Russia's anti-gay law "embarrassing" and "ignorant."

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