Saturday, October 19, 2013

Toyota loses $6.5m suit; Lexus airbag didn't deploy

Obviously this picture, taken by AKSARBENT in 2012,
is not of Katharine Sprague's car, but we think
whoever did this is totally amazing and
we'll use any excuse to repost it.
The driver, an Omaha woman, was struck by a turning vehicle; her car was pushed up a limestone wall. From the World-Herald:
     [Katharine M.] Sprague’s attorneys, Lynn Shumway of Phoenix and John Weis of Omaha, presented evidence that the air bag didn’t fully inflate...
     Attorneys for Toyota, the manufacturer of Lexus luxury vehicles, suggested to jurors that the way Sprague was sitting in the driver’s seat — and the fact that her seat belt was not taut against her body — contributed to the extent of her injuries.

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