Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Vladimir Putin, Tony Abbott man-off

Vlad (left) vs. Tony
The Guardian's Ben Pobjie evaluates the compara­tive studliness of Australia's prime minister and Russia's president:
     ...Putin is renowned for his eagerness to flaunt his bare chest around the plains and forests of Europe, and there’s definitely a Rambo quality to the man when he starts thrusting his nipples at the wildlife. But he may have met his match in Abbott, a man whose desire to achieve the highest political office is exceeded only by his desire to burn the outline of his barely-contained genitalia into the brains of every citizen of Australia...
     So I think the man-off has to be awarded to Putin, but Abbott shouldn’t lose hope. He’s just a rookie, and he put up a very creditable fight. He’s still manlier than John Key and David Cameron put together, and with a little more training, a few more dead animals, and a slightly more developed streak of savage homophobia, I am confident that our new prime minister can one day be the most macho of them all.

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