Thursday, October 10, 2013

Short Takes: bad hackers winning; newest crackpot same sex parenting study; right-wing conspiracy behind gov't shutdown; UN started Haiti's cholera epidemic

Lawsuit says Home Depot looked for gay employees to fire after Finance Crisis

City of Chicago routinely denies prescription medications to the people held in its lock-ups, including HIV drugs

Some commanders not following Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's order giving gay troops marriage leave

Lincoln Journal-Star: How children deal with an announcement that a parent is gay

Ole Miss says there's "no evidence" that freshman athletes disrupted gay play, so it'll discipline entire audience

Bad Hackers are winning:
  • Only one of 45 pieces of malware that stayed on NYT computers for four months was spotted by antivirus software
  • 2/3 of infected computers repaired by the ClickAway chain have anti-virus software
  • 11 commonly used security programs tested last year by Texas-based NSS Labs, most were found to be “not providing adequate protection,”
  • Kaspersky, a security company, claims it encounters 200,000 new malware varieties per day, up from 25 daily in 1994
IOC again refuses to explicitly recognize LGBTs as protected group

Equality Matters summarizes what media outlets should know about the latest crackpot same-sex parenting study being flogged by NOM boosters

U.N. sued over cholera epidemic that it started in Haiti

The teacher of a murdered Californian gay student says she understands the motives of the killer and has laughed saying she would have given the victim a “good swift kick in the butt”
Russian LGBT film festival wins appeal against fines under ‘foreign agent’ law

There really is a right-wing conspiracy behind the government shutdown, especially involving the Koch Bros. and their organizations

Why Americans should hope that the 20-year Nobel Prize for Literature drought for U.S. authors continues

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