Monday, October 7, 2013

Glenn Greenwald drops another bombshell — on Canada's NSA, the CSEC; agency spied on Brazil's Mines and Energy Dept., allegedly for Canadian industry

To hear Greenwald's CBC interview (about nine minutes, and you should) click here. Below is a brief excerpt:

Carol Off: The organization that was doing this spying, Communications Security Establishment Canada, not an organization very well known, even here, but its mandate is to safeguard Canadian government communications from foreign hackers, to help federal security agencies where legally possible, and to gather foreign intelligence. Do you have any sense that what they're pursuing would fall into any of those categories?
     Glen Greenwald: No definitely not. And I think if you look at the statements made by the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, that's the point that she's making, which is that this espionage is clearly intended to bestow economic and industrial advantage onto Canadian Industry. Exactly what the United States and its allies, including Canada routinely denounce China for doing. And that's what makes this espionage so disturbing — not just the espionage itself, but the fact that the leaders of the United States and Great Britain, Canada, routinely mislead not only world but their own citizens about what this spying system is actually designed to achieve.

Below: Last Thursday, on the BBC program Newsnight, Glen Greenwald demolishes repeated attempts by a very hostile journalist, Kirsty Wark, to trap him with gotcha questions that could have been scripted by GCHQ, Britain's NSA.

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