Saturday, October 26, 2013

Don't piss off your waitress: Internet scalliwags out 26-year-old boyfriend (whoa!) of Fox News' Shepard Smith, 49, after Bathtub Gin imbroglio

Mugshot of Shepard Smith following Florida arrest
for aggravated battery during aftermath of 2000
presidential election. Shepard deliberately bumped
reporter Maureen Walsh with his car during a
parking space altercation
After annoyed Fox News personality Shepard Smith, 49, unleashed an f-bomb tirade on a waitress at New York's Bathtub Gin bar for not serving his party another round quickly enough, the equally-annoyed server mentioned during her recounting of Smith's misbehavior that he had been accompanied by his boyfriend, Penn State grad 26-year-old Giovanni Graziano, who, while not as hot as Anderson Cooper's boyfriend, is certainly not bad looking.
     Graziano evidently works at  Fox too, but don't tell Roger Ailes, okay?

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